The Nature of Time

The Nature of Time

We are always fascinated by what time things begin or end. Rarely do we ask what time itself is. No one has been able to convincingly say what time is apart from using repetitive motion like earth’s rotation along its axis to define a day and earth’s orbit around the sun, which takes about 365 days, to define a year.



DrAjeani demonstrates cervical cancer development using clinical instruments.

EstherNapeyok, 26, still has flashbacks of her most agonizing moment. Last year, this mother of seven was diagnosed with advanced stage cervical cancer which has left her with excruciating pain and psychological trauma.It is a perilous walk through the hillyterrain of Kategok Sub County in Abim district to Napeyok’s home, a simple grass thatched hut.

DJC Wins NORHED Funding

The Department of Journalism and Communication (DJC) has won NORHED funding for a project titled: Strengthening Media in Post-Conflict societies through Education and Research: Bridging Gaps, Building Futures in Uganda, Norway, South Sudan and Nepal. It is a Five year project to be implemented in partnership with Norway, Nepal and South Sudan.  The selection of the DJC proposal was as a result of a competitive process of which 173 applications were received by NORHED for funding and out of these ony 46 have been recommended for support.