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The Department of Journalism and communication (DJC) in conjunction with Uganda Christian University hosted this years’ East Africa Communications Association Conference, EACA, on 26th- 27th August with key discussions on... More

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The Department of... More

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Both legs flung on the extreme sides of the spring metallic bed; with multiple fractured bones, strapped with a white bandage, 27-year-old Sarah Mirembe(not real names) lay motionless in Mulago hospital’s orthopaedic ward. Her teary eyes are... More

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Patricia Nakanwagi (not real names), aged 6 expressionlessly stares at a tiny piece of posho with a few scattered beans across the nearly empty plate of food. It is to be shared with her two younger siblings aged 4 and 3... More

Bicycle transport along Salama road-Photo credit: Nicholas Bamulanzeki
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Time check is 7:30 PM and it’s Saturday 31 October, 2015. It’s been 20 minutes since I have been standingoutside Equity Bank in... More

DrAjeani demonstrates cervical cancer development using clinical instruments.
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EstherNapeyok, 26, still has flashbacks of her most agonizing moment. Last year, this mother of seven was diagnosed with advanced stage cervical cancer which has left her with excruciating pain and psychological trauma.It is a perilous walk... More

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Hunger amidst plenty: the paradox of food insecurity in East Africa’s food basket

By Our Reporters


Hon. Namoe Nyomera, Napak Woman MP, toys with the button on her orange... More

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By Maria Wamala

Although the 1995 constitution under chapter 6 vests a powers in the legislature, parliament in Uganda does not fully use these powers.... More

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As Ugandan women prepare to commemorate sixteen days of activism against violence on women this... More