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The Department of Journalism and Communication at Makerere University was established in 1988 as the Department of Mass Communication. It was the first establishment to offer a degree programme in Mass Communication in East Africa; and remains a pillar of excellence in journalism training and mentoring in the region. The Department offers a Bachelors degree in Journalism and Communication, a Postgraduate Diploma in Investigative Journalism, a Master of Arts degree in Journalism and Communication, and a thesis-only Doctoral degree in Journalism and Communication.

In its more than two decades’ existence, the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication has greatly contributed to the diverse crop of journalists and communicators in Uganda, Africa, and the world, through quality academic programs, skillful teaching, intensive research, regular curriculum reviews, controlled enrollment, student support services, and purposeful staff development.


The Department implements practical and vibrant programs to help its students apply their knowledge and hone their skills in journalism and communication. These include: Journalism@Mak –an online news portal managed by students, a training radio studio called Campus FM, an online video platform called Campus TV as well as multi-media laboratories. Students also get a chance to put their didactic knowledge into practice through intensive internships in a spectrum of media and communication fields, including: press, radio, public relations, television, advertising and multimedia.



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